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Fantastic benefits of Lebara 2GB £5

Enjoy Free Roaming in the EU

Enjoy Free Roaming in the EU

Use your minutes, texts and data when you’re on holiday in the EU. Whether you’re sending emails from the beach in Spain, or checking Facebook in France, you can enjoy using your mobile like you’re at home.

Out of bundle

These charges are applicable only when you exceed what is included in your tariff.

Calls to UK Mobiles p/m 19p
Calls to Landlines p/m (numbers starting with 01, 02 or 03 excluding Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of man) 19p
Calls to Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of man p/m 39p
Text Messages p/msg 19p
MMS Messages p/msg 45p
Calls to Voicemail p/m 19p
0800 and 0808 Calls p/m FREE
Customer Service Calls p/m
0500 Number Calls p/m 19p
084, 087, 09 and 118 Access Charge p/m 25p
070 non-mobile Maximum Charge p/m 79p
Calls to certain MVNO's p/m
Service Numbers

Calls to service numbers (starting 084, 087, 09 and 118) aren’t included in your plan allowance. There will be two charges on your bill, made up of an Access Charge that's charged by the network as pence per minute, and a Service Charge that's charged by the organisation you called. You will be charged the Access Charge for a minimum of 1 minute and then per second for the rest of the call.

Roaming Charges

Additional charges will apply to calls made while roaming outside of the EU/EEA. Excluding Vodafone Basics SIM plans, which are UK use only.