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Which Mobile Phone Brand Is Most Popular?

It all comes down to what you want from your mobile, but the truth is our customers love Apple and Samsung. Both offer a great all-round experience, so it's really about which operating system you prefer – iOS or Android.

Which Mobile Phone Brand Is the Cheapest?

One of the things we love the most about the brands we stock is that there's something within budget for everyone. Even our biggest brands like Apple, Samsung and Google have a range of options that still have the great specs you love, at a lower monthly or upfront cost.
For Apple fans, take a look at the SE devices, and for Samsung, there's the brilliant A Series. As for Google, try their A range.

Which Mobile Phone Brand Has the Best Camera?

Mobile cameras have a lot to offer, from high-end hardware to fantastic AI software. What's best for you depends on the kind of experience you're after.
Apple's iPhone range is well-loved for photography as it's easy to use and get to grips with. For greater control over your shots and RAW capabilities, Samsung's S range has plenty to choose from. With Google Pixel, on the other hand, it's all the name – and if you want software that works with high-end specs, a Google Pixel is a great choice.

Which Mobile Phone Brand Has the Best Battery Life?

Battery life comes down to more than just the size of the battery in your device – there are also important considerations like whether you want fast charging or wireless charging capabilities.
The biggest brands like Apple iPhone, Google Pixel and the Samsung S range all find a great balance between powerful performance and battery usage, but there are plenty of other brands that do a great job, like Sony and Nokia.

Which Mobile Phone Brand Is Best for Work?

If you want plenty of space to multitask and a device that's as great for working as it is for gaming, we'd recommend choosing from some of the latest folding devices from Samsung. But if folding isn't your thing, plenty of premium Samsung devices also come with an S Pen stylus, which can make working from your phone a doddle.

Which Mobile Phone Brand Has the Biggest Screen?

With new devices released all the time, there's always a bigger, brighter and sharper display that's just come out – and it's impossible to keep up! However, if you're dead set on having the biggest possible screen, folding devices and even some flip phones like the Z range from Samsung have double the space once opened up – which means double the screen size!

Which Is the Best Android Mobile Phone Brand?

That's a tough question, as most brands (aside from Apple) use Android in some form or another. Samsung and Google are our most popular Android mobiles, though Samsung makes tweaks to the operating system to make it more uniquely Samsung.
Google on the other hand are the creators of Android, so a Pixel device from this brand means no additional bloatware and smooth sailing from the get-go.