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What Is SIM Only?

A SIM only plan is pretty self-explanatory – it's just a SIM that you pay for monthly. We love them because although there's no handset included, you can grab huge amounts of data, minutes and texts at seriously low prices, so they're excellent value for money.
When you buy a SIM only deal, you can put your new SIM into any unlocked handset, and keep your existing mobile. Alternatively, you can get a new handset at any time without the fuss of ending your contract early, and there'll be no change to the service you receive. It's that SIM-ple. Get it?


Top Tips for SIM Only Deals

Consider Your Needs

The big question is how much data do you need from your SIM deal? Minutes and texts are unlimited, so there's no stress there. The other thing, how flexible a plan are you after? Rolling monthly and longer-term contracts are up for grabs. And it's all worth considering before you take the plunge.

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Take a look at all our SIM only deals, even if they're not with your usual network. You can filter by your preferred network of course, as well as by monthly cost, contract length and data allowance to find a deal that suits your needs. We have plenty of amazing value SIM only contracts with the best networks in the UK, so it's easy to find the right one for you.

Keep Your Number

If you're staying with the same network or are switching and don't want to keep your number, you can use your new SIM card as soon as it arrives – no muss, no fuss. However, if you're switching networks, you can keep your current number. There's just a little more to it, as you'll need to get hold of your PAC code. See our Switching Networks section below for more info.

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Why Choose SIM Only?

Quite a few reasons, actually…

Great Value

Lower prices since you're not paying for a new mobile.

Keep Your Phone

You don't have to change your device with a new SIM.

Tariff Freedom

You can get a shorter or rolling contract with more flexibility.


Better for the environment as you keep your phone for longer.


Switching Networks?

If you want to move to a new network when you buy a SIM only deal, you can keep your old number by requesting a PAC code. Just text 'PAC' to 65075 and enter your PAC code at the checkout when you buy your SIM. We'll transfer it automatically for you.


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Your Questions Answered

If you're in the middle of a contract deal, then you either need to wait for it to end or pay a cancellation fee upfront. After that, you can choose any SIM only deal you like – but if you switch networks, you might need to get your current device unlocked.

Yup! If you're staying with the same network, there's nothing you need to do. If you're moving to a new network, then you'll need to get a PAC code from your old network to port your number over.
Just text the word ‘PAC’ to 65075 to get yours, and you’ll get a response within 60 seconds. When you buy your new SIM only deal, just enter your PAC code at the checkout, and we'll do the rest.

It all depends on how you use your phone, how much data you need, and sometimes even where you live. Different networks have different benefits, like lots of data, perks, and varying coverage levels across the UK. We recommend you check out our

Nope, it's completely free, including delivery. You just have to pay for the tariff itself.

Of course! There are loads of network benefits on SIM only deals just like if you have a contract, except you're not paying for a phone. Not bad, really.

Yes, you can. That's the neat thing about a SIM only deal – you can stick with the mobile you love, and still get the data, calls and texts you want for a lower cost. Just make sure you purchase a compatible SIM card!


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