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Lease a mobile phone with a network plan, instead of buying, and you’ll pay less each month.

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Saving You Money

You get one agreement with the network for your minutes, texts and data. Then a separate agreement with Raylo Pay to lease a mobile.

A Raylo Pay lease lets you choose a much cheaper tariff because you’re not paying for the full cost of the phone.

Billed separately by Raylo Pay, the lease runs alongside your normal 24 month mobile phone contract.

At the end, you can apply for a free upgrade. You'll return your old one 14 days after you receive the new one - plenty of time to transfer your data. Or simply cancel by returning the phone to Raylo Pay. To purchase the phone contact Raylo Pay to discuss.


» These are separate agreements and will be billed separately. The phone contract is with the network and the lease is with Raylo Pay.

» Both are subject to acceptance and full terms and conditions apply.

» Raylo Pay offers a fair wear and tear policy. It’s ok to return your device with obvious signs of use such as some deep scratching (2 or fewer deep scratches on front glass that are less than 3cm in length), small dents, discoloration or changes in the paintwork.

» Raylo Pay phones come with a free lifetime warranty. For added peace of mind, add insurance at checkout

» If you don’t return the phone then you can keep paying monthly.

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Leasing Is a No-Brainer

Good for the wallet and good for the environment.

Pay Less. Simple

When you lease, the monthly cost is lower than buying on a typical network contract.

No Upfront Payment

Not only is the monthly cost lower, there's never anything to pay upfront on a lease deal.

Upgrade For Free

At the end, you can apply for free upgrade to get the latest model, handing your old one back.

It's Greener

Leasing your tech means it gets as many lives as possible. So you can enjoy it guilt-free.

Learn More About Leasing & Network Plans

Who Provides the Lease?

Raylo Pay.

Who is Raylo Pay?

Raylo Pay is the UK's market-leading mobile phone leasing provider. They have a whopping 80,000 devices leased and a top TrustPilot score of 4.5. By partnering with them, we can offer you lower monthly costs on your next phone. Raylo Group Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (841488).

Who Provides the Minutes, Text and Data?

The network.

Who Provides the Mobile?

We (Affordable Mobiles) will ship your mobile.

Is There a Credit Check?

The network runs a credit check for the mobile contract. If that is successful, Raylo Pay runs a credit check for the lease.

How Does Billing Work?

You'll receive one bill for your lease from Raylo Pay. Then a separate bill for your minutes, texts and data plan from the network.

Can I Cancel if I Change My Mind?

You have up to 14 days to cancel your network and lease agreements, and to return the mobile. In this instance, you send the mobile back to us. Simply contact our support team to cancel.

How Long Is the Lease?

The lease is 24 months, same as the network plan.

What Happens at the End of the Lease?

At the end of the lease you can upgrade for free to a new phone of your choice. After you receive the new device you'll have 14 days to return the old one - plenty of time to transfer your data.
You can also cancel at the end of your lease by returning your phone to Raylo Pay. To purchase the phone contact Raylo Pay to discuss.

What if My Phone Gets Damaged?

Don't worry about damage. Raylo Pay phones from Affordable Mobiles are all covered by free end of lease Raylo Care damage cover.

Can I Keep the Phone Longer?

Yes, just keep paying monthly. For best value, upgrade your phone at the end of the lease. If you want to purchase the phone, please contact Raylo Pay to discuss.

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How About a Lease Without a Network Plan?

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All products bought on our website are provided by ourselves, not the network, and are subject to our full T&Cs.


Unless otherwise stated, cashback incentives are provided by ourselves and not the Network provider or third-party. Full details are in our T&Cs.

Data Speeds

Advertised 4G and 5G speeds are available in selected areas. Exact speed depends on location and number of users. Check coverage using the link in the shopping basket before buying.