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Got a Question About Upgrading With Us?

Here are the most popular questions our customers are asking.

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    I didn't buy my last contract from Affordable Mobiles. Can I still upgrade with you?

    Yes you can! We can upgrade absolutely everyone on O2 and Vodafone, regardless of where you got your existing mobile contract from. If you're currently with Three or another network, we can still move you onto a new mobile with a better deal.
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    How do I upgrade?

    Upgrading is easy. So long as your contract’s due for renewal (typically 30-45 days before the end of your current contract), you can upgrade your mobile. If you’re not sure if your contract’s due, you can use our free Upgrade Eligibility Checker above or call us on 0345 413 6262. Once you’re eligible, simply choose an upgrade deal and complete the checkout.
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    Can I keep my number?

    Yes you can! Keeping your number is straightforward when you upgrade on the same network – your number is automatically transferred to your new price plan. And if you're getting a new deal but changing your network, then you can simply port your number across to keep it.
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    How much does upgrading cost?

    So long as you’re eligible to upgrade, it could cost you nothing in upfront payments. We have a range of deals to choose from, with flexible tariffs that allow you to pay as little as £0 upfront. Or if you want to reduce your monthly bill, you can pay a small amount upfront.
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    When can I upgrade?

    Typically, you can upgrade 30-45 days before your contract end date. Try our free Upgrade Eligibility Checker or contact us on 0345 413 6262 to check if you’re ready to upgrade.
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    I can't remember when my upgrade is due. How do I find out?

    Simply give us a call on 0345 413 6262 and we'll tell you when you’re eligible for a new phone contract and handset. Or you can fill in our eligibility checker above.
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    I'm not eligible to upgrade yet, but I need a new handset. What can I do?

    Don’t worry – we’ve got a huge range of SIM-free mobiles for you to choose from, which you can use with your existing SIM card until you’re eligible to upgrade. Alternatively, you can choose to pay what’s called an Early Termination Fee to upgrade your current contract early.
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    I've tried to upgrade but I can't - why is this?

    This might be because you haven’t had your current contract for long enough yet. Call us on 0345 413 6262 to find out your upgrade date.
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    Is there a credit check?

    That’s one of the perks about upgrading on the same network – because the network already knows you, there’s usually no further credit check performed when you upgrade on their network.
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    What do I do with my old mobile?

    We’d recommend getting a cheap SIM card for it and using it as a spare. Or even gifting it to someone in the family, so it doesn’t go to waste. Call us on 0345 413 6262 to see what SIM deals we can offer you, or take a look at our SIM deals online.