A great value pre-paid SIM card.

  • Tops-up automatically
  • Rolls unused data over
  • Boosts your data the longer you have it

On EE Flex, there’s a SIM plan for everyone. Orders yours for free today.


2GB 6GB Data

1000 Mins

Unltd Texts


5GB 15GB Data

2000 Mins

Unltd Texts


10GB Data

3000 Mins

Unltd Texts


20GB Data

3000 Mins

Unltd Texts

FREE SIM • FREE Delivery

Data Boosts

Get an extra 500MB on your data for every three months you stay on

Data Rollover

Unused data from the previous month is rolled into next month’s allowance

Auto top-ups

Plans conveniently top-up from your payment card automatically securing your boosts

About EE Flex SIMs

Getting the best mobile deal usually means getting a contract. Not anymore. EE Flex plans give you complete freedom: no contract, no remembering to top up, no losing your unused data, and allowances you can change whenever it suits you.

Reasons to Love Flex

Low Cost

Plans start from just £10 a month with lots of minutes, texts & data.

No Contract

You can change, pause or stop your Flex plan anytime you feel like it.

EU Roaming

Use your data, minutes and texts when you’re abroad in the EU.

My EE App

Manage your EE account quickly and easily from your mobile phone.

How to Set-up Flex

  1. Insert the Flex SIM into your mobile.
  2. Create an EE account at
  3. Choose a plan with the right data, minutes and texts.
  4. Set up a monthly payment using your credit or debit card.

    Remember to download the My EE App, so you can…

  1. Top up your data, minutes or texts if you run out.
  2. Change, pause or stop your plan anytime you like.


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